Page: 5 Beaver Cool Aid Episode 21: Pharm Party • 00:11 Lloyd goes to his daughter’s High School graduation unprepared • 07:59 Lisle gets abandoned on a date at a Joe Bonamassa concert • 15:32 Drew’s guide to small talk when you’ve got no game • 21:29 Lloyd’s daughter explains “Pharm Party” which will make every […] This Podcast features Myles Kennedy when he co-hosted the national radio show LA Lloyd Rock Countdown February 3, 2018 prior to the release of the album Year Of The Tiger. Myles talks with LA Lloyd about: Reinventing Alter Bridge while recording The Last Hero Time management working within so many bands and projects Working […] This interview is unedited and raw exactly as it was recorded April 16, 2018 backstage at The Tobin Center in San Antonio, TX immediately following an intense workout from Brent Smith.  It was pre-recorded to run Memorial Day weekend after the new album was to be released.  Normally, I will edit or clean up […] The Beaver hits its first milestone of completing 20 Podcasts. In this episode, Lisle eats some bad cheese and explains why it’s OK to buy the meat at Wal-Mart with the yellow tags to save a couple bucks. A primate escapes at the San Antonio airport. Many call it a baboon, but in reality […] The Beaver returns after Drew has been traveling to Toronto where he attends a Blue Jays game and drinks so much he decides to leave in the 5th inning only to find out the next day he missed a no-hitter.  Later Drew’s travels take him to Los Angeles where he enjoys a few gummy […]

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