Page: 2 00:12 To Kevanaugh or not: Lisle brings out his skeletons 09:26 Beat The Meatles: McCartney collaborates with Lennon in a masterful way 14:07 Listeners’ calls including friend and new author Chuck Stanley from CBQ 26:42 Winston C and Frankie D: How forthcoming were these notorious leaders? 29:55 Drummer debate: Lisle, Lloyd and Drew pick […]

Advertisements 00:11 Beto’s Nikes 05:30 Syndication Penetration: Lisle’s legacy remembered or forgotten? 18:02 Hurricane Florence blows 22:01 Drew’s feet problems 23:19 Lloyd cuts the cable 28:10 Burt Reynolds remembered from Bandit to Boogie Nights 32:58 Lisle explains how to get free digital TV with rabbit ears 39:59 Drew visits Universal Studios Explicit 18+ Beaver Cool Aid Episode 27: Manu Ginobili retires…Louis CK returns 00:11 Lisle, Lloyd and Drew pay respect to the retirement of Manu Ginobili03:01 Louis CK returns to do stand up but is it too soon?09:09 Eddie Murphy may have 10 kids, but do you need to be a 50+ Dad with newborn17:29 Drew and […] 00:15 John changes baby diapers 09:11 Texas vs. North Carolina legalizing pot 19:18 Jimmy Buffett retirement communities 23:40 Bad themed cruises 29:59 Drew is Gene Simmons; Lloyd is Marilyn Manson 36:02 Just wanna bang on the drum all day 40:29 Depend adult diapers 47:29 Drew’s ridiculous questions to Lloyd and John Explicit 18+ 00:51 Jefferson memorial: Drew visits Washington DC 03:44 Just A Gigolo: Lisle gets called a playa on 14:06 Ava’s Rat: LA Lloyd’s daughter wants a pet rat 19:35 Shitting in the Driveway: Someone takes a dump in the driveway at the radio station 24:07 Harlem Globetrotters: Lisle takes the kids to the Globetrotters […]

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