Page: 3 Beaver Cool Aid Episode 24: Ghosting   The Beaver meets three different ghosts in this episode.   • 00:11  Drew ghosts a former friend and leaves him high and dry and is feeling guilty. • 15:20  Lisle has been couch-less for four years. • 24:35  Drew explains the smell that every Pier 1 has. • 34:05  Lloyd pays […]

Advertisements Beaver Cool Aid Episode 23: Fried Chicken   Lloyd opens the Podcast talking about a Father’s Day Dinner eating one of his favorite foods…fried chicken which immediately opens the door for aficionado Lisle to reflect on his grandmother’s cast iron skillet recipe that would seriously challenge the Colonel’s. This leads into a conversation on […] • 00:11 Drew hangs out with naked 75-year-old man in sauna • 06:44 Paying tribute to the real most interesting man in the world Anthony Bourdain • 12:11 Lisle asks the thought provoking question; Have you ever had suicidal thoughts? • 18:18 Should you change your Social Media personality because it’s got too unreal […] Beaver Cool Aid Episode 21: Pharm Party • 00:11 Lloyd goes to his daughter’s High School graduation unprepared • 07:59 Lisle gets abandoned on a date at a Joe Bonamassa concert • 15:32 Drew’s guide to small talk when you’ve got no game • 21:29 Lloyd’s daughter explains “Pharm Party” which will make every […] This Podcast features Myles Kennedy when he co-hosted the national radio show LA Lloyd Rock Countdown February 3, 2018 prior to the release of the album Year Of The Tiger. Myles talks with LA Lloyd about: Reinventing Alter Bridge while recording The Last Hero Time management working within so many bands and projects Working […]

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