The Struts January 26-27, 2019

The Struts January 26-27, 2019

LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 just may make your Body Talk this weekend.  Lloyd is joined by the entire band as The Struts will hang out for three hours and count down the 30 biggest rock tracks of the week across North America.  We will be going song-by-song to discuss all of the amazing tracks on The Struts’ album Young & Dangerous.  The lead off track is called Body Talk which was also done by Kesha…yep that Kesha.  The guys will talk about how that relationship began.  If you need a reason to get up and move your body and have a serious party, then make the Rock 30 your destination with LA Lloyd and The Struts.

The Struts with LA Lloyd on their bus in Austin, TX
Hear the funny story about shooting this video in Vegas on the next LA Lloyd Rock 30!

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