Stitched Up Heart August 10-11, 2019

Stitched Up Heart August 10-11, 2019

Mixi from Stitched Up Heart recently described their shows with Godsmack and Volbeat as the “Dream Tour.”  Join Mixi, vocalist of Stitched Up Heart on the next LA Lloyd Rock 30.  It will be the hottest show of the year…literally… as we will be doing the show from the band’s RV that has been having a bit of a struggle staying cool in the 100+ degrees weather.  There will be a lot of stories shared from the road and what the band has experienced since the last time Mixi co-hosted two years ago.  Also, she will explain the reason the band is releasing one new song per month before the album “Darkness” comes out March 13, 2020.

Just one of the amazing memories LA Lloyd has enjoyed as co-host of the Rock 30!

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