Pop Evil June 4-5, 2022

Pop Evil June 4-5, 2022

Pop Evil has literally co-hosted the LA Lloyd Rock 30 every time they have released a new album or featured single.  Their vocalist Leigh Kakaty joins LA Lloyd for his 16th appearance and there will be several things discussed.  First of all, what is the story on their Twitter page showing a photo of Leigh with Mike Tyson?

Pop Evil’s Vortex tour will be kicking off June 23 in Milwaukee at Summerfest.  This should give their fans a great show with the band being based nearby in Grand Rapids, MI.  

Pop Evil: Photo credit Harry Reese

Eye of the Storm is a song that came to be when the band was unable to tour.  Everyone on the Pop Evil team agreed that this one needed to be finished and get it out to the fans as quick as possible.  That was a wise decision as the new track is approaching top-10 on the Rock 30.

And while Leigh Kakaty admits, he does not like to see himself in videos, this one was different because of the water and “any water video adds a whole new element.”

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