White Reaper March 18-19, 2023

White Reaper March 18-19, 2023

White Reaper, a band from Louisville, KY, will co-host the Rock 30 with LA Lloyd for their first time.  Their sound has been called “Garage Punk” but when you see them live, they are just basically a great Rock Band period.  They released their album Asking For A Ride January 27, 2023.  Hunter Thompson, guitarist and Sam Wilkerson will tell LA Lloyd the stories behind many of the songs on the album including their current single Fog Machine.

Songs Weren’t Right

While in lockdown during the beginning of COVID, White Reaper said, “I think there was a period of kind of some darkness in all of us.  It felt kind of isolating and it also felt like we were just banging our heads against the wall and nothing was coming out and we were kind of overthinking stuff in a lot of ways.”  They continued, “You know we had so much time that it allowed us to really obsess over minutia and it kind of turns out that we operate best whenever we can just be excited and have fun and laugh and write songs that entertain us.”  Fortunately, they brought in friend and engineer Jeremy Ferguson to help get them back on track and complete the album Asking For A Ride.

Headlining tour

White Reaper has played many of the major festivals including Austin City Limits Music Festival.  In addition, they have been the support act for Pearl Jam and Weezer.  Currently, they are on their headlining tour and they said, “This is a really fun set and I think we are all excited on it…kind of I think scratches every itch.”

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