Through Fire April 8-9, 2023

Through Fire April 8-9, 2023

Through Fire is back to co-host the Rock 30 for their fifth appearance.  Grant Kendrick, vocalist, will talk with LA Lloyd about their new album Devil’s Got You Dreamin’ coming out April 21, 2023.  We have a little catching up to do as the have added the brothers Tyler and Zach Halverson to the band as new bassist and drummer respectively.  

LA Lloyd hung out with Through Fire (Justin McCain and Grant Kendrick) in March 2019 just a few months before the release of their previous album All Animal.  Due to COVID, the band did not get the perfect scenario to tour and promote the album.  They realized the traditional way of doing things were completely thrown out the window.  How will they handle the release of the new album?  You’ll hear the plans from Grant.

Lose It

Lose It is the current single from Through Fire now playing on the LA Lloyd Rock 30.  In the chorus of the song, Grant sings, “When did everybody lose it? Everything we used to be… Humanity, our sanity, our dignity.”  He will go in-depth talking about the inspiration of this song.

Karma Kills

Through Fire released a few tracks prior to the full album coming out.  One is “Karma Kills” that addresses Grant coming out of an 11-year relationship and described as one, “that ended with a crash and burn.”


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