The Violent October 10-11, 2020

The Violent October 10-11, 2020

How does LA Lloyd define someone with gigantic balls? How about putting a successful band on permanent hiatus and starting over with a new band? That’s exactly what Mike Protich, Dave McGarry and Pat Gerasia, formerly of Red Sun Rising did. What rose from the ashes of their previous band was the anonymous beginning of The Violent. The guys did not want comparisons from fans nor the critics about their new music so the song Fly On The Wall was released without any hype, bio, marketing as it is usually done in a traditional way. There is nothing traditional about The Violent as Mike Protich will explain when he co-hosts the LA Lloyd Rock 30 this weekend. Join Mike and LA Lloyd for an entertaining and in-depth conversation via ZOOM about this exciting new time for The Violent. Don’t forget to call us too at 855-576-2530 that’s 855-5 ROCK-30.

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