Smashing Pumpkins May 6-7, 2023

Smashing Pumpkins May 6-7, 2023

Photo-Credit-Paul-ElledgeSmashing Pumpkins are releasing the highly anticipated triple album Atum: A Rock Opera in Three Acts.  It is the twelfth studio album released in three separate installments of 11 songs—Atum: Act One was released on November 15, 2022, Atum: Act Two was released on January 31, 2023, and Atum: Act Three on May 5, 2023. 


When a band has 33 songs to choose from, it can be extremely difficult for everyone on the team to decide what the lead-off track will be.  Billy Corgan explains to LA Lloyd how the process went down and Beguiled was the choice.  That track eventually made it top-5 on the Rock 30.

Box Set with Bonus Tracks

A physical box set of Atum: A Rock Opera in Three Acts consisting of all 33 songs, along with a group of 10 additional exclusive songs will be released.  Billy explains that these tracks have a psychedelic feel to them and were written prior to Atum. 

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