Slash November 5-6, 2022

Slash November 5-6, 2022

Slash has the perfect gift for you or any of your friends who love Gibson guitars.  The Collection: Slash. Gibson describes the book: “This premium coffee table book explores in unprecedented detail the instruments Gibson Global Brand Ambassador and rock legend Slash has used on countless hit records and on stages worldwide, in front of millions of adoring fans.

There are 364 pages of Slash and his impressive guitar collection, shot by the Gibson team and legendary rock photographer Ross Halfin.  Slash talks about his relationship with Ross throughout the years going back to his earliest days with Guns N’ Roses in 1986.  Watch the Gibson TV episode with Slash talking about his collection.

LA Lloyd digs into the history of when Slash’s collection of guitars began.  If one could pinpoint an era, it would be during the recording of the Use Your Illusion albums.  Also, you’ll hear a new live version of You Could Be Mine found on the Deluxe Version of the album.

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