Seether September 5-6, 2020

Seether September 5-6, 2020

Labor Day weekend is more fun when you can hang with your friends. Oh yeah…that social distancing thing is still in full effect. So how about some virtual fun? Seether will co-host the LA Lloyd Rock 30 for their 16th time this weekend. Dale Stewart will be checking in via ZOOM to help LA Lloyd count down the top-30 rock tracks including their song “Dangerous” now in the top-10. Dale will give us his artist pick from the latest album Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum…yes it’s in Latin and yes it is available for you to purchase. And if that’s not enough packed into 3 hours, Dale is going to give LA Lloyd some fishing techniques. See the video below. Some come on, take the speakers to the lake, the pool, the coast, the mountains…wherever you may be and have a great Labor Day weekend with the LA Lloyd Rock 30 countdown. Hey you can call us too at 855-576-2530 that’s 855-5 ROCK-30.

Having fun on ZOOM with Dale Stewart from Seether

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