Scott Stapp August 3-4, 2019

Scott Stapp August 3-4, 2019

Scott Stapp established himself as one of the premiere rock vocalists during his time with Creed.  After the band went on a hiatus, he had his shares of highs and lows dealing with mental health issues and addictions.  He still managed to put out two solo albums during this trying time in his life.  Fortunately, with the help from his wife Jaclyn, who Scott refers to as his “rock,” helped get him back on track with sobriety.  This gave Scott the opportunity to reflect that led to an array of songs on the new solo album The Space Between The Shadows.  Scott will join LA Lloyd this weekend to co-host the Rock 30 countdown and tell you this magnificent story.

Just one of the amazing memories LA Lloyd has enjoyed as co-host of the Rock 30!

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