Royal Bliss February 12-13, 2023

Royal Bliss February 12-13, 2023

It’s the weekend of the Big Game and Valentine’s Day.  Don’t forget to include your Royal Bliss.  Neal Middleton, vocalist, joins LA Lloyd as co-host for the Rock 30.  They released a new single earlier this year called Black Rhino, which is on its way to being their highest charting song.

Black Rhino 

Royal Bliss current single Black Rhino was written during lockdown.  According to Neal, “originally it was a song written about survival for a rock band.”  As time moved forward and the lockdown continued, they changed up the lyrics “to be about a survival of the people, where it’s like we’re gonna make it through this pandemic.”

Full Moon Rising

During the show, Neal reveals, “I write and perform because I need to…it’s my therapy.”  Recently, he lost his Mom after a battle with cancer.  He said, “we just released one it’s called Full Moon Rising.  That’s a tough song…it’s about me losing my Mom from cancer which she just died a few weeks ago.  I wrote the song in 2020 because she had been fighting it for two and a half years.”

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