Metallica with Lars Ulrich

July 1-2, 2017 July 1, 2017

It was the biggest rock tour of 2017. Metallica’s Lars Ulrich sat down with LA Lloyd backstage at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX on June 14, 2017.

This interview was used on the 17th anniversary of the nationally syndicated LA Lloyd Rock Countdown July 1-2, 2017.

The last time LA Lloyd had seen Metallica on a tour of this magnitude was the show they played at the Rose Bowl in Los Angesles previously in 1992. Move forward 25 years and it was as if time stood still.

Topics include remaining true to your sound and staying relevant, getting new fans with each album release, how each member’s personality is reflected through the instrument they play, Lars hosting a show called “It’s Electric” on Beats 1 radio and finally Sir Lars…yes he gets knighted and has a funny story about that event.

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