Nita Strauss June 17-18, 2023

Nita Strauss June 17-18, 2023

Nita Strauss and LA Lloyd did the Rock 30 together on the Shiprocked Cruise January 2022.  They are back together to discuss Nita’s new album The Call Of The Void which will be released July 7, 2023.

Guest Vocalists

Nita had a huge wishlist of vocalists to accompany her on The Call Of The Void.  David Draiman and Nita had a number one single called Dead Inside.  Alice Cooper appears on the track Winner Takes All.  Chris Motionless, Lilith Czar, Lzzy Hale, Dorothy and others are featured on this 13-track album.  The current single is called Victorious.  This track features Nita shredding and Dorothy wailing.  Check out this powerful video showing how one can overcome their struggles and come out on top as a winner!

Feed My Frankenstein

LA Lloyd and Nita Strauss talk about the performance she did with Johannes, vocalist from Avatar.  They covered the Alice Cooper Classic Feed My Frankenstein and nailed it!  Check out the video captured live on Shiprocked 2022.


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