I Prevail February 18-19, 2023

I Prevail February 18-19, 2023

Eric Vanlerberghe, vocalist for I Prevail is our guest co-host.  He will talk about True Power, the latest album, that was released August 19, 2022.   Eric says, “Going back to Trauma (previous album), we really wanted to bare ourselves and put our hearts into the lyrics to talk about things that are sometimes hard to talk about.”  He continued, “Being ourselves and really putting our true selves out there is rewarding.”  Moving forward and writing songs for the new album, “Our true power was being ourselves, being open, being proud of who you are and the hardships you went through and what you learned.”

Bad Things

The leadoff track from True Power is Bad Things.  The song went straight to number one on the LA Lloyd Rock 30.  Many of the songs on True Power were started, then put away for a while and then revisited to complete.  According to Eric, “Halfway through we kind of knew that one was a special one.  It kind of had a mixture of what was old and familiar but new and what the new record was going to sound like all kind of in the same song.”


LA Lloyd recorded this show the week leading up to the 65th annual Grammy Awards.  Eric has some interesting insight on why the Rock awards are no longer handed out on the televised portion.  I Prevail was nominated for two Grammy awards in 2020 for Best Rock album (Trauma) and for Best Metal Performance (Bow Down).


Every Time You Leave was another huge song from the band.  They collaborated with Delaney Jane on this track which made it to number 3 on the Rock 30.  If you’re curious why they did not do any collaborations on True Power, Eric explains that they just wanted “to flex our own muscles and show we can do this own our own and let these songs showcase the best of I Prevail.”

Deep End

The latest single is Deep End that was a little different from the other songs they had been working on.  Steve and Dylan, I Prevail guitarists got to have their moment to shine to add the bridge to this one to take it to the next level.

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