William Duvall/Alice In Chains May 27-28, 2023

William Duvall/Alice In Chains May 27-28, 2023

William Duvall stepped into the lead vocal position for Alice In Chains in 2006.  Those are some pretty big shoes to fill singing the songs from Layne Staley who passed away in 2002.  It’s hard to believe but William has now sang on the same number of albums for Alice In Chains as Layne did, both completing three albums each.

The HU

While Jerry Cantrell, Alice In Chains guitarist, was working on his solo album and touring, William Duvall was asked to do vocals for the Mongolian band The HU on the top-10 song This Is Mongol (Warrior Souls).

William’s Arrangement

After being asked to do vocals for The HU’s song This Is Mongol, he was asked to work on a different arrangement and the mixing/production.  While keeping the song close to its original form, he decided to take a different approach that stayed close to the indigenous creativity of the band while adding his vocals that made everyone happy on the final mix.


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