Rival Sons January 21-22, 2023

Rival Sons January 21-22, 2023

LA Lloyd welcomes Rival Sons for their first appearance as co-host for the Rock 30.  Jay Buchanan, vocalist, and Scott Holiday, guitarist, will give some very in-depth answers regarding their new album Darkfighter.  The guys will share some breaking news with LA Lloyd on the updated release date for the album.

Rival Sons photo credit: Pamela Littky

Working in a mortuary

Did you know Jay Buchanan worked in a mortuary before becoming the vocalist for Rival Sons?  Could that have led to an inspiration for their current single Nobody Wants To Die?


When asked if they were optimistic about the future, Scott said, “When the dark time feels like it’s upon us, it’s an opportunity for everyone to rise up against and kind of like band together.” Also, we have the chance to reflect on some of Rival Sons’ accomplishments including a former number one on the Rock 30 called Do Your Worst. 

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