Saul October 24-25, 2020

Saul October 24-25, 2020

Saul is a band that knows the true meaning of DIY. From the beginning of independently releasing the song Brother, written for Blake and Zach Bedsaul’s late brother Caleb. That track propelled Saul on the Rock 30 charts nationally and launched many tours to go along with it. They followed that track with Trial By Fire, another fan favorite. Brother was on their Aeons EP and will also be featured on their new album Rise As Equals released October 23. That album features the leadoff track “King Of Misery” which was written during a time when the brothers’ Mother was sick and eventually passed away. The video is truly amazing. Watch it below. I’m so ready to bring the rock sound of Iowa to a national audience when Blake co-hosts the Rock 30 this weekend. Interact with us at LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 on Facebook. Don’t forget to call us too at 855-576-2530 that’s 855-5 ROCK-30.

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