GWAR May 29-30, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend with GWAR May 29-30, 2021

If you’ve been to a GWAR show, you know that anything and everything is gonna get sprayed, spewed and covered with blood and goop from many cannons blasting from their stage while the loudest intergalactic shock rock band performs.  GWAR has been together for 35 years entertaining and sometimes even scaring fans all over the globe.  Blothar, the Berserker, vocalist, will co-host the LA Lloyd Rock 30.  We will take you back to the beginning of GWAR at The Richmond Dairy Building all the way to the present with the release of The Disc With No Name EP released May 28, 2021.  Be sure to call the LA Lloyd Rock 30 hotline at 855-576-2530 and enjoy some time with Blothar the Berserker.

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