From Ashes Top New October 13-14, 2018

From Ashes Top New October 13-14, 2018

From Ashes To New has gone through some lineup changes, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is founding member Matt Brandyberry.  Now the band is in place with co-vocalist Danny Case, Lance Dowdle on guitar and Matt Madiro on drums.  Matt B sat down backstage with LA Lloyd at River City Rockfest on September 22 to record this weekend’s Rock 30 countdown.  You’ll hear conversation regarding the top-5 song “Crazy,” how to get the crowd going when you get the 1pm slot at a festival, the Linkin Park influence and the impact on the band when Chester Bennington took his life.  There’s a lot to cover and we will debut From Ashes To New’s latest single Broken from their album The Future 

Check out Crazy from From Ashes To New

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