Dirty Honey April 24-25, 2021

Dirty Honey April 24-25, 2021

One of the last live shows LA went to prior to the pandemic was Dirty Honey.  What an amazing show it was.  The Rock 30 welcomes Dirty Honey vocalist Marc Labelle and guitarist John Notto to talk about their new self-titled album that will be released April 23.  There are lots of things to talk about including the amazing video for California Dreamin’ and what’s up with that special door.  Also, along with playing California Dreamin’, we will debut some new tracks from the album.  It’s always a good time guaranteed when we have Dirty Honey co-host the LA Lloyd Rock 30.  Be sure to call the LA Lloyd Rock 30 hotline at 855-576-2530! 

Dirty Honey, L-F: John Notto (guitar), Marc LaBelle (vocals), Corey Coverstone (drums), Justin Smolian (bass)


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