Dead Poet Society March 26-27, 2022

Dead Poet Society March 26-27, 2022

Dead Poet Society returns as LA Lloyd’s guest co-host for their 2nd appearance.  To LA Lloyd’s surprise, he thought they pulled out last minute to appear on the Shiprocked cruise.  They assured him they were all on the ship and he just somehow missed them.  You’ll hear that funny story.

Dead Poet Society did do a few tour dates last year and early 2022.  One of the benefits that Jack Underkofler, their vocalist, found was the ability to tell stories while the rest of the band had to fix some minor technical difficulties.  One story is about Jack when he was driving for Uber and picked up a “sex worker.”  This story is unbelievable.

Dead Poet Society has worked with Jordan Wolfbauer on their videos.  Jordan has worked closely with Badflower on many of their videos as well.  You’ll hear how he hooked up with the band to work with them on their first hit Coda.


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