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Saliva March 25-26, 2023 Note for this week’s show: The interview with Bobby Amaru, Saliva vocalist was recorded March 7, 2023.  On March 22, we received the news that Saliva guitarist Wayne Swinny unexpectedly passed away.  LA Lloyd and the team at the Rock 30 sends condolences to Wayne’s family and all the Saliva fans […]

White Reaper March 18-19, 2023 White Reaper, a band from Louisville, KY, will co-host the Rock 30 with LA Lloyd for their first time.  Their sound has been called “Garage Punk” but when you see them live, they are just basically a great Rock Band period.  They released their album Asking For A Ride January […]

Scott Stevens The Exies March 11-12, 2023 Remember The Exies?  Back in 2002, they had a hit on the Rock 30 called My Goddess from the album Inertia which was released in 2003.  Scott Stevens, vocalist reached out to LA Lloyd to remind him of the 20th anniversary of the album.  The best news is […]

Dayseeker March 4-5, 2023 LA Lloyd Rock 30 welcomes Dayseeker for their first appearance as guest co-host.  Rory Rodriguez, vocalist talks in-depth with LA Lloyd about their album Dark Sun which was released November 4, 2022. Without Me Fans of the Rock 30 have been requesting the new single from Dayseeker called Without Me.  As […]

Giovannie and the Hired Guns February 25-26, 2023 Giovannie and the Hired Guns was the surprise success story of 2022.  Their song Ramon Ayala went to number one on not one but two charts. This is the first time since 2006 that an artist’s first career-charting radio single reached No. 1 at both Alternative and […]

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