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Brent Smith – Shinedown/Smith & Myers January 2-3, 2021 Now that you have heard the biggest songs of 2020 counted down on the LA Lloyd Rock 30, it’s time to focus forward to optimism, positivity, hope and healing.  Who better to help us get started?  Brent Smith, a man who truly has all of those […]

LA Lloyd Rock 30 Year-End Countdown (Part 2) December 26-27, 2020 We made it through Part 1 of the LA Lloyd Rock 30 2020 Year end countdown with songs #60-#31.  Now it’s finally time to tell 2020 to suck it, kiss your ass and on to 2021.  Fortunately we had some great songs that were […]

Dirty Honey April 24-25, 2021 One of the last live shows LA went to prior to the pandemic was Dirty Honey.  What an amazing show it was.  The Rock 30 welcomes Dirty Honey vocalist Marc Labelle and guitarist John Notto to talk about their new self-titled album that will be released April 23.  There are […]

Atreyu December 12-13, 2020 It seems that Brandon Saller, Atreyu vocalist, is a man who knows how to multi-task. Join Brandon as he co-hosts the LA Lloyd Rock 30 for his 7th appearance. Brandon will be checking in via ZOOM while running errands and will even have his kid hanging with us as well cruising […]

Royal Blood December 5-6, 2020 LA Lloyd asked Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher from Royal Blood what their prediction is for the sound of music when it will be released in 2021. The reason I asked this was I was curious if they thought the music would be dark and depressing since it was written […]

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