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LA Lloyd Rock 30 Year End Countdown December 31, 2022-January 1, 2023 The LA Lloyd Rock 30 Year End Countdown takes you on a ride to reflect the biggest songs of 2022 with artist interviews from the bands. What a year 2022 has been for Rock 30 fans.  There were lots of number one songs […]

LA Lloyd Rock 30 Year End Countdown December 24-25, 2022 It’s part 1 of the LA Lloyd Rock 30 2022 Year-End Countdown begins this weekend featuring songs #60-#31. What a year 2022 has been for Rock 30 fans.  We saw the return of Godsmack and Nickelback after a long absence.  Ozzy Osbourne released his album […]

Architects December 17-18, 2022 Sam Carter, vocalist for Architects, joins LA Lloyd on the road in Las Vegas.  Just before Architects released their latest album The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit, they had a huge listening party in Vegas with LA Lloyd and a lot of radio personalities at a bowling alley.  Sam has […]

Crobot December 3-4, 2022 Crobot released their latest album Feel This June 3, 2022.  Their vocalist, Brandon Yeagley reflects on 2022 when he co-hosts the Rock 30 with LA Lloyd.  We have a few things to discuss that we didn’t cover when the band co-hosted back in June including picking the final songs that are […]

Pop Evil December 10-11, 2022 Pop Evil’s vocalist Leigh Kakaty joins LA Lloyd for his 17th appearance as co-host for the Rock 30.  Lots of things to talk about including their latest Rock 30 charting singles Eye Of The Storm and Paranoid (Crash & Burn).  Obviously everyone wants to know about the 2023 tour plans […]

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