Catch Your Breath April 1-2, 2023

Catch Your Breath April 1-2, 2023

Catch Your Breath, an Austin, TX based band will co-host the LA Lloyd Rock 30 for their first appearance April 1-2.  Josh, vocalist, Teddy, guitarist, and Onell, drummer has some engaging conversation awaiting you.  They also talk about the “Shenanigans” they have been up to while trying not to upset the elite at their record label.  

Dial Tone Video

Dial Tone is the current single for Catch Your Breath.  According to Josh, while the band was in Las Vegas, they had a good friend named Mason Wright who was “opening a studio/music video venue.”  After Mason heard the track, he asked the band if he could get involved because he had an awesome idea for the concept.  Seems like he was right.  Check out the video below:

2023 Album Release

Catch Your Breath has been working hard in the studio completing the songs that will be on their upcoming 2023 release.  Here is another single that is expected to be on the album called Shame On Me.


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