Brent Smith – Shinedown/Smith & Myers January 2-3, 2021

Brent Smith – Shinedown/Smith & Myers January 2-3, 2021

Now that you have heard the biggest songs of 2020 counted down on the LA Lloyd Rock 30, it’s time to focus forward to optimism, positivity, hope and healing.  Who better to help us get started?  Brent Smith, a man who truly has all of those qualities.  Brent will talk with LA Lloyd about the Smith & Myers project, Shinedown‘s cause to raise money for Direct Relief through the fans’ amazing contributions.  Also, there has been talk of a Shinedown Motion Picture to be released which I can tell you will happen in 2021.  In fact, it is being submitted into all of the film festivals.  Brent Smith also breaks the record for most times a guest has co-hosted the Rock 30 with a whopping eighteen times.  Let’s get this year started off right.  Happy and Healthy New Year to you!

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