Beartooth April 9-10, 2022

Beartooth April 9-10, 2022

Beartooth is back for the band’s fifth appearance to co-host the LA Lloyd Rock 30.  Caleb Shomo, vocalist will help LA Lloyd count down the top-30 rock tracks for the week. Plus we will debut some songs from the album Below called Fed Up and a live version of Disease from the Below Deluxe edition.   

Beartooth’s album Below has already had a great run with their top-20 song The Past Is Dead.  Caleb says this song was written prior to the Pandemic.  However, when you listen to the track, it seems the band was able to predict what the future would look like based on the lyrics.

The follow-up single to The Past Is Dead is called Skin.  Caleb says the song is a “super-personal song and definitely one of my favorites on the record.”  We will get more in-depth on this track before we play it on the Rock 30.  Also, the video is almost at 2 million views.

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