Atreyu June 10-11, 2023

Atreyu June 10-11, 2023

Atreyu joins the 10-club.  This next appearance will mark the 10th time for Brandon Saller, vocalist, to co-host the Rock 30 with LA Lloyd.  We will talk about their new EP The Hope of a Spark which was released April 14, 2023 featuring the song Watch Me Burn.

Brandon’s On Fire

After watching the video for Watch Me Burn, you may wonder how Brandon handled himself so well while being literally on fire.  Was it actually him or a stunt man?  Brandon gives you some behind-the-scenes secrets on the making of the video.


LA Lloyd asks Brandon to give him an “artist pick” to play from the new EP.  Brandon’s choice is God/devil which may surprise you when you check out the video.



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