Any Given Sin November 4-5, 2023

Any Given Sin November 4-5, 2023

Any Given Sin released their latest album War Within on June 16, 2023.  Vic Richie, vocalist, will co-host the Rock 30 with LA Lloyd to talk about it.  Also, we will highlight two special tracks on the album Dynamite and Cold Bones.


Dynamite is the current single from Any Given Sin.  This song was originally written and released back in 2018.  Vic Costello will explain why it was released again in 2023 after the band was signed with Mascot Records.  Plus he will give behind the scenes stories about the making of the video.

Military and Cold Bones

Vic Richie spent seven years in the military.  The time he experienced eventually led to the writing of the song Cold Bones.  You’ll get to hear this song as a Rock 30 bonus track.

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