Five Finger Death Punch December 2-3, 2017

Five Finger Death Punch co-hosts

November 8, 2007, Five Finger Death Punch played at a small club in San Antonio called the White Rabbit and LA Lloyd was in attendance that night with roughly 100 fans including Full Metal Jackie who convinced Lloyd to come to the show.

They have come a long ways since that show 10 years ago.  On December 1, Five Finger Death Punch will release their greatest hits “A Decade Of Destruction.”  To celebrate the occasion, LA Lloyd is going to go through the years and highlight with interview segments featuring Ivan Moody, vocalist; Zoltan Bathory, lead guitar; Jeremy Spencer, drums; Jason Hook, guitar; and even former member Matt Snell, Bass.

You will hear stories from their first song “The Bleeding” through the present hit “Trouble,” which is featured on the album “A Decade Of Decadence.”

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